Making Sense of that Mask Study

The Study

Below we describe the measurement method and demonstrate its capabilities for mask testing. In this application, we do not attempt a comprehensive survey of all possible mask designs or a systematic study of all use cases. We merely demonstrated our method on a variety of commonly available masks and mask alternatives with one speaker, and a subset of these masks were tested with four speakers.

Mask Results

1. ‘Surgical’ (Surgical mask, 3-layer), 2. ‘Valved N95’ (N95 mask with exhalation valve), 3. ‘Knitted’ (Knitted mask), 4. ‘PolyProp’ (2-layer polypropylene apron mask), 5. ‘Poly/Cotton’ (Cotton-polypropylene-cotton mask), 6. ‘MaxAT’ (1-layer Maxima AT mask), 7. ‘Cotton2’ (2-layer cotton, pleated style mask), 8. ‘Cotton4’ (2-layer cotton, Olson style mask), 9. ‘Cotton3′ (2-layer cotton, pleated style mask), 10. ‘Cotton1’ (1-layer cotton, pleated style mask), 11. ‘Fleece’ (Gaiter type neck fleece), 12. ‘Bandana’ (Double-layer bandana), 13. ‘Cotton5′ (2-layer cotton, pleated style mask), 14. ‘Fitted N95’ (N95 mask, no exhalation valve, fitted)

Inter-subject variations are to be expected, for example due to difference in physiology, mask fit, head position, speech pattern, and such.



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