GA COVID-19 Report November 12, 2020

Daily Summary & Notes


Data Notes

Cumulative Confirmed Cases

Probable Cases

Cumulative Hospitalizations

Cumulative Deaths

Probable Deaths

Cumulative ICU Use

Change Patterns

Count Level Tracking

Z Score Fluctuations

New Cases



ICU Admissions


Cumulative Testing

Positive Tests by Source

Total Testing Trends

COVID19 Molecular Testing Trends

COVID19 Antibody Testing Trends

Is Increased Testing Causing Increased Cases?

Correlations Between Testing and Cases

Correlations Between Testing and Deaths

Correlations Between Testing and Hospitalizations

Correlations Between Cases and Hospitalization

Correlations Between Cases and Deaths

Final Thoughts


Comorbidity (Written 7/15/2020)

Physical Distancing (Written 7/31/2020)

  • If you could shake hands without moving your feet from where they are, you’re too close.
  • If you could fall face forward — just straight face planting into the ground — and the other person could catch you, you’re too close.
  • If the person could hit you with a baseball bat without leaving where they’re standing, you’re too close.

On Reduced Testing (Written 8/30/2020)

On Underlying Conditions (Written 8/30/2020)

Final Thoughts




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