GA COVID-19 Report February 3, 2021

Daily Summary & Notes


Data Notes

Cumulative Confirmed Cases

Probable Cases

Cumulative Hospitalizations

Cumulative Deaths

Probable Deaths

Cumulative ICU Use

Change Patterns

Count Level Tracking

Z Score Fluctuations

New Cases



ICU Admissions


Cumulative Testing

Positive Tests by Source

Total Testing Trends

COVID19 Molecular Testing Trends

COVID19 Antibody Testing Trends

Final Thoughts


Comorbidity (Written 7/15/2020)

Physical Distancing (Written 7/31/2020)

  • If you could shake hands without moving your feet from where they are, you’re too close.
  • If you could fall face forward — just straight face planting into the ground — and the other person could catch you, you’re too close.
  • If the person could hit you with a baseball bat without leaving where they’re standing, you’re too close.

On Reduced Testing (Written 8/30/2020)

On Underlying Conditions (Written 8/30/2020)

Final Thoughts




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